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Scalp Shine And How To Fix It

Safe, Inexpensive, Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solution

Scalp shine comes up as a question on the forum on a regular basis. So we look to gather the contributions and try to make sense of them.

Head Shine

I am often asked by many of my patients from His and Her Hair Clinic of Arizona; “will scalp micro pigmentation hide the scalp shine”? To put it simply the answer is no. But I do have solutions.

For some it simply isn’t a problem, they either do not suffer with it or do and don’t care… much like hair loss itself. But like hair loss if it is something that bothers you it can become a serious encumbrance to enjoying yourself in lots of social situations.

Fortunately there are plenty of options on what to do, from highly priced commercial products to the received wisdom of the kitchen sink heroes who have walked the path less traveled, and come back to the forum to leave a trail.  Nothing will work for everyone and a certain amount of experimentation is required to see what does the trick for you.

Although Scalp Micro Pigmentation, (SMP) from His and Her Hair Clinic of Arizona is a viable, affordable, non-surgical hair loss solution; nothing will remove scalp shine. So if it’s an issue, please read on.


Over the last few years the pharmaceutical companies have cottoned on to the fact that male grooming extends to wanting to take care of a bare scalp, with shine obviously popping up in their blue sky product development meetings as a market opportunity. As a consequence there are a never ending stream of new products offering solutions that add to our lexicon with words like “mattifying.”

It is a market that the giants like L’Oreal, with an anti-shine moisturizing gel, and Clinique, with Mens Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer, have entered the market with fancy and expensive products. Headblade, the shaver manufacturer, have also joined in with their HeadLube moisturizing lotion. Peter Roth Anti-Shine is one that has been around a while and gets positive feedback on the boards. In fact, put “reduce scalp shine” into google today and you will be offered page after page of products that claim to be able to do just that.

Home Remedies

The over the counter solutions all have something in common, they are typically expensive. Definitely expensive if you are getting through a tube/jar a day. So there are lots of people out there who have experimented to find alternative, more everyday, solutions. Milk of Magnesia is one that has popped up time and again over the years, with many positive reviews. More recently there was a very good shout for Diatomaceous Earth (DE), which you can order on the internet very cheaply. Apparently a tiny amount rubbed in with the palm of your hand is enough to do the job, our poster “Majty” estimates that a bag could last a lifetime (he did not give an indication of how big the bag was).

His and Her Hair Clinic of Arizona

It is worth mentioning that shiny skin, on the face, has been an “issue” for women for centuries, if not millennia. Because of that there are countless products, many cheap and effective, that do a great job… we appreciate not everyone will want to step out with a compact full of powder, but it does do a great job.

Please leave your remedies and comments for how you deal with shiny skin and scalp. For all your hair needs, please visit us at:

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